Snakes for Safety



The venomous reveal
Adders are scary enough to think about. Wait till you discover that the packing crate you were standing on to get a better view of the theatre contains a Cobra or the locked pilots briefcase under a chair in the a udience contains a Adder.

Unpacking the metaphor, one snake at a time
Unplugged’s full time herpetologist CJ Bierman and our snake curator Lucky Mahlaule- supported by other professional snake handlers where necessary – conduct an unforgettable session of ‘live discoveries in the room’ where the real snakes are revealed and their comparison to the hazards in the lives of the audience are discussed.

Revisiting and redefining all the hazards around us
With renewed interest and energy the entire workforce now engage in a revisit of all the hazards in their environment, they categorize them under Adders, Cobra’s and Pythons and removal options are brainstormed

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